Miss Tara at Cabana Pool Bar on July 27th

Come join us and cool off from the summer heat at Cabana Pool bar while partying with DJ Miss Tara on Sunday July 27th.


Miss Tara is the queen of Sexy house music who keeps you entranced with her sexy, alluring stage presence while you just can’t get enough of her doing her DJ-ing. Cabana Pool bar in Cabana definitely couldn’t get enough of her customized style and finesse, Toronto came alive and was heated up with the energy that comes with Miss Tara’s music style. As a guest DJ, Miss Tara made a loud statement with her high performance and acquired an even higher number of fans added to her already chart breaking numbers. Everyone loves to hear Miss Tara, and they sure were thrilled that they did. She performed as a guest DJ alongside resident DJs Manzone, Strong and Andy Warburton of Hedkandi international, a sensational international record label.

Miss Tara in 3 words is sensational,unique and keeps you on your feet dancing non stop.