Miss Tara Zelos September 26th

Come join Miss Tara at Zelos in Monaco on Friday September 26th for a night of good music and fun.


Miss Tara’s unflinching desire to express art in the form of music has made her a passionate professional. Her experience of near death when she suffered from brain hemorrhaging in Paris changed her look on life and changed her directions to take professional music production and DJ performer as a career. Miss Tara works enthusiastically about the producing the very best music.

Miss Tara is a devoted music producer and an international DJ with music that leaves you to still reminiscence long after it’s over. Having played in certain of the most esteemed day locations internationally, including Miami, Paris, Monaco, Toronto… the girl is considered to be one of the several top emerging EDM & House Music artists

MissTara does everything passionately and with determination. She puts effort, discipline and dedication into her projects. Little wonders her mixing and producing exude originality.


Miss Tara has set herself apart and mastered her art which has created room for her at the top. She is a real mentor and motivation to aspiring entrepreneurs in her field. Seeing how she professionally combines music and fashion in arts and entertainment, who wouldn’t want to be mentored by this epitome of excellence?


Her training in classical music, piano lessons, practicing the keyboard and her study in musical theory is sure paying off. Miss Tara new set of house music are a hit. She singlehandedly crafted a new genre for herself – The Sexy House. According to her, “I am proud of all my accomplishments; the one that I am the most proud of is usually my most recent. Right now mixing and playing my own produced tracks in front of thousands of people, seeing the crowd really dancing and having a good time makes me proud”. It sure does. Looking at how Tara Mobayen aka Miss Tara turns the crowd wild and on their feet dancing non-stop, it only leaves you in amazement of how in control of floor she always is and the high energy that follows.

Recently, in Monaco, Monte-Carlo, a city which never sleeps due its busy nightlife of casinos and clubs had one of its fanciful clubs, Zelos on fire as our very own Miss Tara brought down the roof and set the place ablaze with her awesome performance – unique and full of energy!

The cute faced, outstanding, DJ/producer and Fashionista, looking definitely trendy in her silver glitz gown, was invited to perform at the Zelo’s special night event. The venue could barely contain her fans. The cheers were deafening. Wow! What a following!

The crowd loved Miss Tara, shared dinner with her during the event, taking snapshots of her and wanting snapshots with her. Her awesome fans were thrilled to be part of her bonnies friend circle. All of them wearing the bunny Tara to identify with her. Miss Tara dominated the event with an electrifying performance with her set of house music. Miss Tara is one ultimate must-see performer. MissTara’s musical talents and alluring charisma can be seen at festivals, clubs, in addition to private events. While House music is her preference, this girl is open to perform in suggested themes. For more information, visit www.misstaraofficial.com to download pictures and videos on Miss Tara’s show in Zelos.