Miss Tara Palladium Mumbai India Fri.Mar.20

Catch Miss Tara for a special fashion week event as the luxurious Palladium Mumbai. Glitz, Glamour and EDM!
Miss Tara has always been a fashion trendsetter, wowing crowds with her avant garde style.
Fashion is a definitive part of her performance and she wears it well. Making statements visually with her unique look is just as important as the audial experience she provides with her music.
The captivating presence, infectious energy, as well as the remarkable style of Miss Tara will surely drive you wild.
A lot of people have been amazed at how great as a DJ performer Miss Tara is.
As a music enthusiast you are always looking for the next best thing and Miss Tara delivers on that. She will either leave you stunned and speechless or unable to stop moving, screaming at the top of your lungs.
She makes new fans with every performance and you too will surely be one of them.