Miss Tara Canada Day Toronto : Wed June 1st

Two big celebrations happening, Canada Day and Miss Tara’s official bday bash all going down at Studio 207 Toronto!

DJ Miss Tara will be making an appearance at Studio 207 located in the capital of Canada, Toronto for a special occasion. The event is scheduled to take place on the Wednesday of 1st of July.

Fresh off a tour in the sweltering heat of India and a lot of work for her full length artist double album, DJ Miss Tara will be commencing the party on the 1st of July, as the date holds incredible significance. The date is recognized as Canada Day and DJ Miss Tara intends to start the celebrations. But that is not all, DJ Miss Tara will also be officially celebrating her own birthday, in effect consider it a double birthday party bash, now let’s Wait and see who has the biggest cake.

DJ Miss Tara is gaining momentum and recognition as the most promising young talents in the dance music industry. She is described as a captivating entertainer, a phenomenal presence, and a fashionista often displaying her eclectic costumes and apparel to compliment her music.

Miss Tara’s first single ‘Hot Blood’ became a breakout hit, and launched her recognition skywards, as the single reached Beachport’s top ten tracks. Her second track to hit the charts was titled ‘Runaway’ and became far more successful than her first release. It managed to reach the number two spot on the Beatport Electro House hit charts and reached number three overall. Her newest album a full length double album, features with acclaimed and reputed artists Terri B, Eric Carter and a as of yet unrevealed Indian Superstar.

The album is titled ‘Let Live’ and DJ Miss Tara makes use of a more deeper and more progressive tech house sound. A particular consideration of the fashion industry, where Miss Tara’s roots can be found, is what sets the album apart from her previous endeavors. The album features and fuses cool electro pop.

For anyone wanting to keep up with the latest news, dates, announcements in music and fashion from Miss Tara, simply head on over to her official site was.misstaraofficial.com Hope to see you at Studio 207 in Toronto.