Miss Tara Pandore Montreal Fri Oct 09 2015

Miss Tara launches Pandore Montreal’s brand new Sneak & Chic Fridays. One of the most anticipated launches in the city.

The long awaited performance in the city of Montreal is finally here. It is certainly not easy for an artist to put it all together and make a stunning performance, but she has. Every one of us have been looking forward to her and rooting for her. The Pandore Club in the city of Montreal on October 9th was all a-buzz as it hosted one of the most efficiently entertaining artist.
Beforehand, a large number of people were standing waiting for their cue to enter, and by the time it was over, they all felt as if they had been revived, you could really feel it in the air just like a warm frigid presence that escalates into a bulge of cold heated sweat that increases the temperature of the blood to the point of boiling in the fires of excitement and in that moment you realize that you are part of something bigger than yourself, you are among family, you are with friends, and nothing beats the stunning performance of Miss Tara after all. This lady remind us that life is not only worth living, but that discovering why it is and enjoying it, is just as important, and let me say, seeing and hearing #MissTara in this modern state of the art venue exclusively added to the already encompassing sensory overload experience.
After several collection of music, the award winning Canadian house music DJ and chart topping producer Tara Mobayen, generally known as Miss Tara triggered an uncommon stir with tracks from the very much anticipated of her full length artist double album to be released in 2016, which ignited attention within the masses of public. Just like a dive into the extremisms of strangling beats.
Miss Tara has this amazing crossover appeal really enjoyed by the fans and as her fascinating presence, astonishing style and infectious energy find her showcased globally, from performing main stage moving thousands of frenzied fans to night time ragers at lavish clubs, sunset sessions poolside to red-carpet grooving at glamorous galas, she has earned a remarkable reputation as one of dance music’s most promising talents.
Just as if feeling the aching of the audience in attendance, and not wanting to degrade their perfection any further, the international model, DJ, artist and music producer, Miss Tara hits the control again and then the music became countrified. The magic continued as she transcended into presto, mom was jumping around like the young teenager of yesteryear that she was when the single “Hot Blood” was played.
The audience cheered as she Miss Tara blended it up with her second release “Runaway” and all in attendance considered it a fitting being at the show.
Many music artists have since come and gone but Miss Tara compilation releases her and there remain. Forever in her debt, we have blown out the worms in our heads as the dancing goes on and on; to get pleasure from music with a rare flavor, with jollity as well as humour.
Perhaps if got the universe to enjoy life much the same way, the world would be a lovely place.