Tara Mobayen Halloween Masquerade Talay Lounge Toronto Fri Oct 30 2015

An elegant and sensual Halloween Masquerade party with Tara Mobayen @ the brand new Talay Lounge.

Award-winning Canadian house music DJ/Producer, Tara Mobayen, performed new songs and an unground set list this past Halloween at Toronto’s newest and hottest club: The #TalayLounge. #TaraMobayen carefully crafted and delivered an elegant yet sensual Halloween Masquerade all night on the new club’s dance floor.

“I’m thrilled my music is resonating with people so well,” said Tara Mobayen. “The energy levels are increasing at every show now. Performing at the Talay Lounge was definitely a highlight of 2015 for me – I was able to showcase some of my upcoming songs for my new album #Let’s Live and share my tech-house progressive beat with an incredibly awesome audience.”

Undoubtedly a huge force in underground Canadian house music, Tara Mobayen continues to climb the charts in the world of Music. The DJ just finished a multiple shows tour and plans to release her full-length double album in 2016. A master of combining infectious dance music with her remarkable style and stage presence, #MissTara’s musical reputation is internationally growing.

“I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for my production,” said Tara Mobayen. “I plan to do more shows like the one at the Talay Lounge, and spread my music to every corner of the globe. The underground music culture is where my art truly thrives. Thank you to everyone who came out this past Halloween – it has really inspired me to take my performances to the next level.”

For more information on Miss Tara’s upcoming shows, release dates, and album details, visit: http://misstaraofficial.com/.