Tara Mobayen Halloween Night Studio 207 Toronto Sat.Oct.31.15

Tara Mobayen played at the traditional Halloween Night @ Studio 207 Toronto on Sat.Oct.31.15.
Tara Mobayen went on her favorites Tech House Progressive beats having fun with friends and exclusive guests.

DJ Tara Mobayen, an award winning Canadian house music DJ/Producer under the name of Miss Tara, performed an unforgettable set this past Halloween at Studio 207 Toronto. Months after the performance, fans are still talking about “Miss Tara’s” underground set list and her future in the Canadian house music scene.

“I am shocked and excited by all my freinds and fan’s positive feedback” said Miss Tara. “I am working night and day to record and produce new underground music for my fans. My concert at Studio 207 Toronto was a truly pivotal moment before going on tour across India and Asia. I can’t wait to share some new music with you guys!”

Miss Tara is busy performing around the world, She use her real name when she plays underground sets. After that one she started to work on her coming shows for the Sunburn Festival and her concert at SINQ Beach Club for New Year’s Eve.

“My music career is growing insanely fast,” said Miss Tara. “I couldn’t do it without all the support and encouragement from my fans. Follow me on social media and check out my website for upcoming shows and venues. Come by after the sets and say hello, too!”

For more information on Miss Tara’s tour, upcoming venues, and the amazing Studio 207 Toronto performance, visit: http://misstaraofficial.com/.