Miss Tara Oak Lounge Pune India Thu.Mar.19

Pune hotspot Oak Lounge welcomes Miss Tara for a Thursday night you won’t forget.
Spectacular Event with Miss Tara at Oak Lounge Pune.
Here are the reasons why you should never miss a single music performance from Miss Tara.
There are sure to be thousands of reasons why you must be where Miss Tara is.
This is definitely true especially if you are the kind of person who is completely addicted to House Music,
night clubs, and electro-heavy anthems.
Miss Tara’s events are more than just fun; she takes you on a musical journey that’s both uplifting and seductive, truly an unforgettable experience. The vibe she creates is contagious and easy to lose yourself in.
With the brilliance of Miss Tara’s music productions, her captivating style, as well as her contagious passion for music, Miss Tara at Oak Lounge Pune India was not something to miss.
If you’ve been missing out on, I encourage you to hit up one of her upcoming gigs and experience it for yourself.