Miss Tara blueFROG PUNE Jan 9th 2016

Miss Tara blueFROG PUNE Jan 9th 2016
After a breathtaking performance on the last day of the year 2015, DJ Miss Tara was in the mood again at the BlueFrog club, the best club in the city of Pune in India on January 9th. When the people of Pune in India heard of Miss Tara stunning performance at the Sunburn festival Gao India, their expectation was raised and can’t just wait for their turn on January 9th. If you have not heard it, DJ Miss Tara sank the people of Gao Indian during the Sunburn festival on December 30th 2015 in the entertainment of their life with her stunning performance, the type of performance which is not common.
Here came January 9th that the people of Pune India have been expecting as their turn to feel Miss Tara groove. All the roads led to BlueFrog club on January 9th where huge number of people was waiting to dance their sorrow away with DJ Miss Tara music. DJ Miss Tara is a young talented artiste who is always about entertaining the people with her style of music. She is a very good dancer.
There was much joy among the people who were present at the event when Miss Tara was call on the stage. She was also full of joy on coming to the stage because of such great welcome shout from the people. Miss Tara started entertaining the people in great fashion when she started her music with great dancing movement. She performed some of her hits, other danceable beats and tracks from her double album (let’s live) that will soon be out on the stage, tracks like; Tara Rum Pum and so on. Her performance made the audience screamed for more because they enjoyed dancing under her beat. It became talk of the town once again after Miss Tara stunning performance at BlueFrog Pune. Miss Tara India tour was described by an attendee as a blast. The award winning Canadian house music DJ and producer, Miss Tara, who is also renowned dance music star keeps on accumulating fans all over the world with her stunning entertainment style.
The attendees were held spellbound as a result of Miss Tara electrifying and energetic performance at the club. One of the happy people who attended the Sunburn festival where Miss Tara performed also attended the event at the BlueFrog Pune because he was getting addicted to her performance let out his heart and shower encomium on her.
The spokes person of the BlueFog club spoke of how excited everybody was at dancing to the music of Miss Tara. The event was really breathtaking and everybody enjoyed dancing under Miss Tara beat.