NYE With Miss Tara

New Year Eve With Miss Tara
As the new year celebration kicked in, many people revelled and enjoyed themselves in various ways – parties, events and festivals all took place across the world in various formats and in India, after the fantastic Goa India Sunburn Festival that helped to mark the end of what was a magnificent year for many. Miss Tara performed a big show at SINQ Beach Club Held on December 31th, many great acts took part in this event to ensure that 2015 could end in the most fantastic manner possible and one of the main guests, though, was pristine and well-loved DJ Miss Tara.
Putting on one of her usual fantastic performances, Miss Tara made sure that this night was marked with the appropriate response. With so much work to be done in the year ahead, Miss Tara made it easy for people to have a night of true fun – Her performance went down as one of her finest in recent years! The quality of the music as much as anything else ensured that the entire atmosphere of the event was exciting to be around and intense.
Playing several tracks from her new double album, due for release in 2016, the crowd were treated to something fresh and exciting which changed the tone and the style of the whole event. Her new tunes are certainly going down well as people from all across the world catch up to the classy sounds and the stunning performances that Tara has put on.

She played one of her newest hits, Tara Rum Pum, which features the brilliant India superstar Sonu Nigam. This fine blend and mixture of styles and personalities combined together to make a truly memorable night that would be unforgettable!
Miss Tara introduction, though, was equally spectacular. With a unique introduction onto the stage using 3D animations that looks wonderful, the entire party atmosphere of the event was blown away by her enigmatic sounds and her unique, charismatic charm. The quality of the performance that she put forward was truly worth watching, creating a unique and exciting brand of music that would be hard to forget about!
A stylish and unique personality, there certainly aren’t too many DJs around with the style of Miss Tara! Her performance was a great way to sign off on 2015, with 2016 promising even more amazing nights spent with amazing music, great people, and unique opportunities…
Role on 2016!